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I teach with grace and curiosity, to facilitate transformational learning and to empower people to uncover their inner wisdom, longing and agency. I coach to influence communities to be inclusive, responsive and life affirming to benefit all people. I coach to activate and bear witness to the possibilities for greatness in individuals and communities.

I work with clients to create safe and respectful learning experiences–both online and in person–that support individual and community development. I create transformational learning by engaging learners with new ideas, provocative discussion, inspiring reflection, and practical application.

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Areas of Expertise:

personal leadership development conference speaker

Personal Leadership Development

I believe that everyone has the capacity to be a leader, and that the personal work of leaders is an essential foundation for pursuing formal leadership roles. Getting clear on your strengths, personality type, personal mission, vision and values can pave the way for doing meaningful work that energizes and sustains you. This personal work is foundational for ethical, human-centred leadership that creates conditions for others to thrive. I offer courses designed for individuals to develop leadership capacity. I can also be engaged to co-design leadership development for your team. Step into intentional living and see how your influence expands to create new opportunities for contribution.

women in leadership conference speaker

Women in Leadership

My experience and studies revealed that women may face particular barriers to stepping into a life of leadership and influence. These barriers come from societal notions of gender as well as our own self-limiting thoughts. By walking alongside amazing women in life and research, I have collected stories of women who have stepped into leadership and made a positive difference for so many others. I have drawn from these stories to share insights that can help other women navigate their leadership journey authentically. Walk with me to release the limiting beliefs that keep you from offering your best to the world.

refugee educational supports conference speaker

Systemic Supports for Refugee Students

Throughout my career of over 30 years, I have had a heart for students who struggle to learn. I have removed barriers, and employed multiple strategies to empower students to learn, achieve, and live a purposeful life. Informed by research, and collaborative work with colleagues, school authorities, and immigrant serving agencies, I have developed a framework for a systemic approach to education supports for refugee and newcomer students. Newcomers arrive with resilience, strengths, and incredible drive to succeed. By implementing promising practices at the classroom, school, district, and human level, I believe we can empower newcomers to acquire language skills, develop their strengths, and chart a path to achievement and contribution.

“I have had the honour of working with Kathy for a number of years. In addition to demonstrating passion and compassion in her work, she draws on a wealth of experience, education, and wisdom to support others.  Her skills in mentoring, coaching, and leadership have shaped the ways in which I move forward with confidence and integrity in achieving my career and personal goals.” 

Dr. Daylene Lauman, Colleague

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