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Welcome to Kanopy Consulting, and the online home of Dr. Kathy Toogood. I invite you to explore the site and learn more about how I facilitate personal growth and system change by:

  • empowering women in leadership
  • promoting equity for diverse learners, refugees, and vulnerable students;
  • nurturing leadership development

… so that everyone can learn, connect, contribute, and thrive in community.

Women Thriving in Leadership: Practices for Cultivating Wholeness and Community

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“In a landscape where the gender gap in leadership persists, Women Thriving in Leadership: Practices for Cultivating Wholeness and Community stands out as a beacon of empowerment. This book not only equips women with the tools to embrace their authentic selves in leadership but also addresses the crucial need to break away from the constraints of the prevailing male leadership paradigm. By emphasizing emotional intelligence, empathy, and compassion, it not only aids women in thriving but provides invaluable insights for men seeking a more sustainable and holistic approach to leadership. A must-read for anyone committed to fostering inclusive and effective leadership in today’s evolving landscape.”

Dr. Johanna Pagonis. CEO Sinogap Solutions Leadership Consulting,

Author of Choose to be a Leader Others Would Want to Follow.

Areas of Expertise

Leadership Development

personal leadership development conference speaker

Coaching Women in Leadership

women in leadership conference speaker

Systemic Supports for Refugee Students

refugee educational supports conference speaker

Kathy has a special gift for helping teachers and leaders get to the heart of situations to help others grow and develop their skill sets – to maximize their potential, gifts and talents.  Time spent learning from Kathy was a true gift that keeps surprising me with life-long rewards.”

Tom Soldan, Former Graduate Student

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